I have created a life I love

& I want to help you do that, too.

Hi! I'm Meg and I'm passionate about helping people create the life they've always wanted through the powerful process of life coaching. It is with the help of my own life coaches that I was able to transform my life: navigate difficult losses, process pain and other uncomfortable emotions I was avoiding, become confident in my own body, learn to be present in each moment, and embrace what I like to call vivid living. As a Certified Life Coach, I want to help you create an abundant, authentic, fulfilling human experience for yourself, too! Whether it be working on health and wellness, relationships, money, career goals, building habits that will be sustainable for a lifetime - whatever it is you want to work on - I'm here to help you create the results you desire and up-level your life!

My Coaching Philosophy

I use a strategic, evidence-based process to help my clients improve their health and wellness and create habits for sustainable lifestyle and behavioral change. You will learn to implement intentional, purposeful behaviors consistently and master the fundamentals to create results. In this process, I will help you set goals, learn essential mindset and mindfulness tools, and put a system in place so you can make lasting change.

I use weekly one-on-one coaching sessions plus ongoing between-session written coaching support with my clients. As a certified coach, I have many resources, tools, assessments, worksheets, tracking tools, and data-driven methodology at my disposal to customize your one-of-a-kind coaching program as you pursue your unique goals.

I want to help you develop an intentional mindset and integrate practical tools into your daily life that will set you up for success in every area!

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Who is this for?

I believe that life coaching is for EVERYONE. You are welcome here and this is a safe, inclusive space. I want you to come as you are and create the vivid life that is uniquely yours. I'd love to coach you on whatever it is you want to work on!

What is vivid living?

I believe vivid living is being all-in and present for your most vibrant, abundant, authentic, bold, powerful, passionate, unique human experience. I love the word vivid because it embodies the way I feel about life and each one of us with our potential as intelligent, engaged human beings to live every day to the fullest. Is a vivid life all unicorns and rainbows? No, of course not. We are still human, after all! As I like to say: I'm an imperfect human taking imperfect action every day. What matters is that I'm not letting my desire for perfection get in the way of moving forward: showing up in this moment as the person I want to be all the while evolving into that person a little more each day. As your coach I'll show you how to embrace ALL of life's ups and downs, be present in each moment, & show up as the person you want to be no matter what comes your way.


"It was such a pleasure to be coached by Meg and have her insights into areas I have wanted to probe for some time. Her coaching style, assigned readings and podcasts, and written follow up emails to our sessions were insightful and sensitive to my situation. I am grateful for the time we had together and her help."


“My coach Meg, balances me in the perfect way. I can come to her with any problem and while I am caught in the emotions of my life, she calmly shows me the logical side and uses my data to bring me back to reality. She shows me my thoughts, I wasn’t even aware of and does it in a comforting and calming way, almost like a warm hug. I can confidently go to Meg and always know I will feel 1000% better. In my 6 months of working with Meg, she continues to blow me away with her direct approach to solving any issue I bring her and teaching me in a way no other coach has in the past. I connect with her kindness, but appreciate her direct and honest perspective of my life that I normally can’t see-that is great coaching!”


"Meg has such a warm personality and is great at getting to the heart of what you’re struggling with. She helped me develop a plan to exit my existing business, which is something I needed to do but couldn’t bring myself to actually sit down and plan. She always has the best resources and knowledge to help her clients reach their goals and create their best lives."


“I just trust Meg with my life. I know that she genuinely compassionately cares about my best interest and is going to help me see my blind spots. She is so helpful, and has helped me overcome some things that I had no idea where huge obstacles in my path every time we talk. After years of dedicated self work, I thought I had worked on so much…Meg has continued to change my life one session at a time. Thank you so much Meg! I am so lucky to have you in my life!”


Working with Meg has added tremendous value to my life.  I have been surprised to see how my thoughts directly create the life I live; parts of my life that I had no idea were created by me or thought were out of my control.  Meg listens intently to what I want to accomplish & has an innate ability to hone in on the challenges & obstacles I face.  She is always prepared with tools & resources to show me how my thoughts can work against me or work for me.  Through her coaching, I now see that I am able to create the life I want for myself by simply changing the way I think about things & this to me, is exactly why Meg is such a great coach.


I didn't think I would get as much as I did out of the sessions but the few that I had were amazing! Meg helped me understand how the brain comprehends and deals with issues along with ways to change how I thought/ dealt with any problem. 10/10, I would recommend her as a coach. You'll get way more out of it than you think you will!